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Doug Scalise - August 12, 2018

No Way! Way! The Conversion of Saul

Are there types of people you assume are beyond God’s reach so that, if God spoke to you about speaking or sharing with them, you would question the instruction? The story of Saul is one of an enemy who became a brother, of a persecutor of the church who became an incredible promoter of the gospel and planter of churches. Saul’s story is also a reminder that no one is beyond God’s reach and no matter what any of us have in our past there is still hope we can change the story of our life.

From Series: "Lives Transformed By The Spirit - the Church Begins"

The Book of Acts is one of the most engaging books of the Bible. Acts is filled with interesting characters, amazing events, and sermons and speeches that share how lives are transformed by faith in Jesus in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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