Adult Discipleship

“Deepening and enriching our faith through a series of educational opportunities.”

Classes start on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH 11:00 – 11:50 a.m.

New Member Class: Why Be Church?

Facilitator:  Pastor Mary Scheer
Location:  Fellowship Hall

Pastor Mary teaches a 10-week series on what it means to be a member of Brewster Baptist Church. You will have time to learn about American Baptists as well as the opportunity to discuss the basic core concepts of being a Christian.  This class runs through Nov 23rd.
Baptism, Nov. 16 (if needed)     New Members Join, Nov. 23

The Parables of Jesus

Facilitators:   Steve Chapman, Bob Smith, Dave Quinones, Melanie Stone
Location:       Room 101 (Teen Room)

Jesus, the Master Teacher, was a superb storyteller. Rather than abstract doctrinal teachings, he spoke to his followers in lively discourses full of illustrations, metaphors, and stories. Through the images of seeds and soils, sheep, coins, and weddings, Jesus introduces us to God’s kingdom, its principles, and the people who live in it. As we work through these studies, we will hear for Christ’s clear and authoritative voice, speaking to us about vital spiritual realities.

Each week stands alone, so feel free to join us anytime.

The Twelve Disciples Who Were With Jesus

disciples_5737cFacilitator:  Fred Downs
Location: Fellowship Hall

This class will be an examination of the spiritual journeys of the inner circle of men who, together with several women, provided the leadership of the movement centered on Jesus when he was on earth.

The church has traditionally placed the twelve on a pedestal because of this.  In fact the biblical accounts make it clear that when they were with Jesus these men did not show exceptional talent or spirituality.  Nevertheless they were to become God’s instruments in consolidating and spreading the Christian movement after the crucifixion and resurrection.

The class will look at both the biblical accounts and the stories about their lives and, with two exceptions, martyrdom that began to be told among the churches after their deaths.

Women’s Bible Study

Facilitator:  Pastor Patti Ricotta
Location: Conference Room

jamesThe book of James, study guide by N.T. Wright

Sept. 23 – Dec. 9th  on TUESDAYS

Morning class from 9:45 – 11:30 a.m.; evening class 7 – 8:30 p.m., choose the time that best suits you.

The book of James is a powerhouse of wisdom and practicality, concerned with helping us make our faith real under every circumstance life can dish out!  Come build your faith in community with other women.

Men’s Bible Study Groups

Monday morning, 7:00 a.m.
Facilitator: Dick Blaha and John Smack
Location: Conference Room

Monday evening, 7:00 p.m.
Facilitator: Steve Chapman
Location: Conference Room

Small Groups

This fall is a great time to join a small group at BBC!  We have some new groups which are still in the process of gathering members.  Groups meet on Mondays through Fridays – some in the daytime, some in the evenings.  There are groups that meet every week; others meet every other week.

Small groups at Brewster Baptist come in many sizes and shapes.  A group may be one specifically formed for an all-church small group study. If it is an ongoing group, it may center around a Bible study, a Christian book study, or perhaps, looks deeper into the subject of the Sunday sermon.

Engaging in small group ministry is one of the most effective ways to connect with others in the BBC family, form deeper relationships, and support each other.  Contact Nancy Smith, Adult Discipleship Core Minister, (508-430-8669) if you are interested in joining a small group.