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Snow Day for the Office

The office is closed today... some sort of storm in the neighborhood. Stay safe, everyone!

Our Most Recent Sermon

Sharing the Mission of Jesus

For those just joining with us today, we are in series called the “Mission of the Church”. A few weeks ago, Doug shared in week 1 about the power of “Inviting People to follow Jesus”. Doug shared that Jesus invited people to … [Read More...]


A Prayer for Healing

Creator God you are the giver of life and you know me better than I know myself. You know where I am hurting or broken physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Pour your power out in me and through me that I may be healed, renewed, and strengthened. Grant me grace to accept the changes that come to all people as we move through the seasons of life and give me faith that overcomes all my fears. I ask this in the strong name of Jesus, Amen. … [Read More...]